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Leading the pool industry with the introduction of the first ever Trade Series Exclusive products to protect profit margins for our dealers, we help you be more competitive in today’s marketplace.

In Store Only

Buyers won’t find these products on the Internet.

Our Best Products

We save our most innovative products for stores- like yours.

Special Bonuses

Exclusive warranties and add-ons for select products.

Products Reserved Just For You

With our Trade Series Exclusive products you can differentiate your offering from the internet and your competitors by showcasing them both in your ads and in your store — drawing attention to feature benefits, prices and services that are exclusive to your brick-and-mortar business.

Jandy Equipment Quit the Internet

All Jandy equipment is part of our Trade Series Exclusive lineup of products which cannot be sold online and do not have an online equivalent!

Trade Series Exclusive
Trade Series Lineup of Cleaners

These pool cleaners feature our most innovative designs and, as an added benefit, they come with extended warranties.

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