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Start earning points immediately on every purchase towards products, apparel and our exclusive Club P event.

Fluidra Pro Rewards
Exclusive Product Discounts

Take advantage of instant cash rebates and in-store promotions.

Branded Apparel and Merchandise

Shop for custom clothing, gift cards, and the latest electronics and products.

Fluidra Pro Rewards
Our Signature Club P® Trip

Enjoy the ultimate, luxury travel experience to sought-after destinations.

Fluidra Pro Rewards
Lead Generation and Marketing Services

Use earned rewards towards professional services that benefit your business.

Choose The Loyalty Program That's Best For You

A step up from our base rewards program, our trade-specific loyalty programs are tailored to maximize benefits and support your particular needs.
Pool Servicers

ServicePro™ rewards independent service, repair and renovation professionals for purchasing Fluidra products and parts with financial incentives, business improvement tools and training.

Pool Retailers

Retail Select is designed to help you build your brand, generate foot traffic to your store and reward you for positioning Fluidra products. Rewards include competitive pricing, promotions, extended warranties, preferred dealer locator listings and special Polaris Days incentives.

Pool Builders

The ProEdge program provides financial benefits and enhanced rewards to our most elite and loyal pool builders exclusively using Fluidra products. Join and receive extended warranties, exclusive product rebates and access to our essential ProEdge Build software.

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